Off-site Cloud Storage


Cloud-based Server Backup is the most efficient way of protecting and storing business data, and ensuring it’s always available when you need it. Whether at home or in the office, each day we save an increasing amount of data, and protecting this data is essential but, at times, we only realize this when it’s too late.
Today, traditional backup devices (DVD, external HD, USB keys, floppy disks, etc.) have become obsolete being unreliable, costly and inconvenient. A new service is now on the market that promises to revolutionize how we protect and organize our files: Online Backup.

Online Backup (replication) is a service managed by software usually installed on your PC to save files on a remote server via a secure network connection. This new user tool automatically backs up any type of file.
backup plan

There are multiple advantages to Online Backup over traditional storage devices. Here are some examples:
A) Files are securely transferred and saved. Some programs use 128 bit encryption, greater than or equal to the ones used by banks.
B) File copies are physically separate from their originals. This way they are protected even against theft or fire.
C) Large storage space is available, generally scalable at an additional cost when needed.
D) Data can be accessed by password whenever and wherever. You'll never need to worry about taking your computer with you. Your files are always online.

Most of us are familiar with Dropbox, OneDrive and GoogleDrive. These offer a great service, though mostly they are only used for personal storage as when it comes to company data, more storage is required and this comes at a significant cost. In addition, the upload times may not lend themselves as a suitable solution for your needs.
Here, at Tratan, we would like to offer you the ability to store your data off-site safely and securely in our data centre and most importantly be able to pay in Malawi Kwacha. We offer a variety of services from simple storage space to racks that can house your own servers.