Hardware Support

Chips, Transistors,Diodes,Resistors

These days the ICT infrastructure has become a fundamental part of any business, which is required to be operational 100% of the working day. This infrastructure is made up of many components of which hardware makes up a huge part and is prone to failures. Let it be hard drive problems, memory issues (RAM), power problems, or peripheral problems including mouse and keyboard failure, our highly proficient technicians use the most up-to-date tools and techniques to repair your computer’s hardware problems.

Repairing your hardware
With so many different operating systems and hardware platforms it can be difficult to know which one is right for your needs, our technicians can assist with advice on the right choice as well as upgrades or renewals to keep your hardware at the front edge of technology, and once you have made your decision our technician can then complete the physical installation of these upgrades.

Another important factor to keep your hardware running as much as possible comes in the form of Preventative Maintenance (PM). PM is conducted to keep equipment working and/or extend the life of the equipment with the primary goal to avoid or mitigate the consequences of failure of equipment.

We offer a bi-annual service, as a minimum, for all IT based equipment.