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About Us

About us

Tratan Executive Consultants has been offering ICT Services and Support in Malawi since 2008. We cater to many organizations and have a good working relationship with all of our clients. We pride ourselves in offering one of the most reliable and superior support services in Lilongwe and possibly Malawi, using our vast knowledge and experience to overcome any predicament that we come across. As a company we offer you these services that are of the highest standard and at extremely competitive rates.

We are here to offer our knowledge, expertise and experience to assist with any IT requirements you or your company might have; how much we are really involved is up to you as we offer both consultation and contract support agreements.

Please have a look around our site for more information on the services that we offer and please feel free to contact us in case you need to utilize any of the services that our company provides.

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Mission Statement

Whatever the requirements, it is our obligation to provide the most advanced high quality solutions available at competitive prices, resulting in total customer satisfaction.

Services Offered

consultant Consulting Having trouble figuring out which way to turn?
Don't have the required expertise?
Talk to us so we can help you find the correct solution.
software Software Support Can't get an install to work?
Need to learn how to use a Program?
We offer support with many software packages.
hardware Hardware Support There is nothing worse than when your computer dies!
Maybe you need an upgrade.
Bring it to the doctors.
network Networking LAN; WAN; WLAN; VPN
Using the latest technologies we link and connect, naturally increasing the productivity around the office.
security ICT Security Your information is important to you and should not be open to anyone looking at it.
We are here to help you make sure your data is safe.
website Web Design In todays world, having an online footprint is one of the most important things a company needs.
We can provide the solution you are looking for to show the world who you are and what you do.
graphics Graphic Design When image matters, talk to us for your visual representation.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
DTP Desktop Publishing As much as the image is important so is the layout.
For your magazine, brochure, flyer or other needs we are the perfect partner to bring your project to fruition.
application development Application Development There are many processes that are simpler and quicker on a computer, and in such we create professional Applications to suit your every need.
data recovery Data Recovery Boss needs that important report, but someone deleted it!
Maybe you lost your photos!
At Tratan, we pride ourselves in recovering lost data.
disaster & risks Disaster Recovery Fire, Theft, Flood any of these or others can strike when we least expect it. We will help you be prepared for such and event and in turn minimise your company's losses.
storage Offsite Storage Data, data and more data. In today's world we are required to keep more information for longer periods and this means huge costs in buying the hardware and expertise for this. Why not store your data in a safe location without all the costs. This is where offsite storage comes into its own.